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Could Google Launch Bitcoin into the Mainstream?


Chances are you have heard about Bitcoin. Those excited about the new crypto-currency are usually supporters because of the lack of government or corporate corruption. It has gathered a cult following, mostly among libertarians, but any time there is a success for the currency, supporters get all sorts of giddy. Such was the case, when it was announced that major internet players Overstock and Zynga decided to start accepting Bitcoin. Any success like this is seen as a validation that Bitcoin is the money of our future.

Well, one such supporter got so excited about the news, he decided to email other major internet giants to see if there were any plans to incorporate Bitcoin in their operations. Of all people, Google ended up replying to him. The entire email exchange is detailed on Reddit , but essentially Google says that they have a team evaluating how they could use it and started a Google Moderator discussion to see what Google users want them to do with it.

There are essentially three ways that Google could incorporate Bitcoin: Adsense, Google Play, or Google Wallet. For Adsense, it seems like it would not work, as they spend a lot of time and effort keeping illegal ads off of the service. The best way they track this is by using data that would not be available, as Bitcoin users and transactions are all anonymous. While Google could start accepting payments on Google Play, the real kicker would be if Google Wallet started using Bitcoin as a valid currency for digital transactions. Google Wallet helps online customers consolidate accounts and make purchases online, and if they started accepting Bitcoin, it would essentially allow Bitcoin owners to use the currency to make purchases anywhere on the internet, essentially launching Bitcoin into the mainstream. The benefit for Google, is that this would also help launch Google Wallet, a relatively lesser known app that they have.


Image: Extremetech

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