Dollar Collapse

New Budget Amounts to $3 Million in Spending per Word


This number is not a true measure of anything, and is mostly anecdotal, but the new spending bill approved by Congress, which authorizes $1.1 trillion in spending this year, comes out to $3 million per word on the bill. The bill is considered a true bipartisan effort to authorize a budget that would prevent the government from shutting down during an election year.

The problem with the current political climate is that “bipartisan” has become a glorified term, one that coincides with the ideas of democracy. Our current system polarizes people to thinking on one side or the other, and so when there are concessions between the parties, it is seen as a huge win. People fail to recognize that both of these parties are out to limit their freedom and any bipartisan effort ends with either tons of money being spent or a loss of personal freedoms. This time, it is to the tune of $1.1 trillion. There is another way, which is to advocate for freedom and support people that support freedom.

According to the AP: “Taxpayers for Common Sense, a Washington spending watchdog, figured that senators spent slightly more than 69 hours before passing the bill, giving them just under two minutes per page to read it.” In other words, unless our senators are speed readers, none of them really read it. Of course they have aides that read it and summarize for them, but if it is too long for our legislators to read, it is likely taking some freedoms away from us.

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