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Obama Says Republicans “Trying to Mess” with Him by Passing Budget that Defunds Obamacare


President Obama’s reaction to the House passing a budget that would keep the government funded through the end of the year, largely due to defunding Obamacare, was laughable. He said that House Republicans are “trying to mess with me.” His idea for a budget solution is to raise the debt ceiling, and keep all the programs funded.

No one ever mentioned to me the fact that under the Obama administration our national debt has increased over $6 trillion to an all-time high of $16.7 trillion. That’s an over 50% increase in like 5 years. How pathetic, and his solution is to just keep adding to the debt. He said that raising the debt ceiling doesn’t cost anything and doesn’t add to the deficit. That is because it adds to the national debt! An even bigger problem!

He also said if we don’t raise the debt ceiling that it could lead to “another financial crisis.” Funny that he should mention the financial crisis because back in 2008 he was blaming the financial crisis on greedy businessmen, and in 2012 he was blaming it on private equity firms, like Bain Capital, formerly run by Mitt Romney. But now, he is saying that the cause of a financial crisis would be other politicians that don’t agree with him. For all of the flack that politicians and journalists get for fear-mongering, this was one of the most subtle instances of the year in that category. We all are afraid of going back to those times, because it was tough on us, and so he says if we don’t follow his policy, we will be back in that state. Thanks for the fear, Obama.


Image courtesy of mediajorgenyc on Flickr

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