John Kerry is Travelling to Israel for Peace Talks, Don’t Expect Much


Kerry, Secretary of State, is heading to Israel to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for peace talks, after meeting with Palestinian Mahmoud Abbas last Monday. Sigh. While they are probably going to talk about Syria, the main goal is to talk about ways to bring peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Where does he get off? Kerry must have a pretty big head if he thinks that after centuries of fighting, he can just magically say a few words and it will all disappear.

Obviously, he doesn’t think that he will fix everything, but who decided to make Kerry the international mediator of relations for foreign disputes? This guy probably has no professional experience as a mediator, yet somehow it is part of his job to go around creating peace amongst other countries. Don’t think that this has nothing to do with our interests in Isreal.

Apparently the peace negotiations are expected to last 9 months, finishing in May 2014. That seems like a long time to be negotiating, but when you consider the fact that both parties feel entitled to the land that is in dispute, and not only entitled, they both believe that the land is holy and sacred and holds significance to their religion. When viewed in that light, it seems hard to believe any solution will be reached without one side giving up more than they should.


Image courtesy of cliff1066™ on Flickr

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