Photographer Opposed to Working Gay Marriage Takes Case to Supreme Court


The New Mexico couple who is now famous for refusing to photograph a marriage of a same-sex couple, is now going to have its case brought before the United States Supreme Court. Please check out the attached article if you are interested in the ins and outs of the legality behind the case, but essentially here is the issue: the couple that got refused service believes that they should recieve siad services because the business should not have the right to discriminate based on the race, gender, sexual orientation etc. The photographers are claiming that their services are an art form, and as such they can limit their artistic expression however they wish.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out, but really the photographers are in the right here. Which is an intense statement coming from a staunch libertarian. If you think of an artist that is approached by a potential client that wants to commission a painting. In it the client wants the person to paint a pornographic scene. In that instance, the artist can decline their service because they do not wish to be represented in that manner or support that kind of industry. It is a similar instance here, and I find it hard to believe that the SCOTUS will not see photography in a similar light.

There have been similar instances of bakers refusing to make cakes for a gay wedding, which I also feel would be protected under freedom of artistic expression. Other than that, any other goods and services that go along with a wedding I think should be given. Even venues should not be allowed to discriminate. In this economy, I think any business would be out of their mind to refuse service to anyone, but when it boils down to it, artistic freedom is an important freedom that needs to be protected.


Image courtesy of TexasGOPVote.com on Flickr

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