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Crazy Kids: Children Taking Anti-psychotic Meds Triples In Decade


By Jean Paul Zodeaux

Just how bat guano crazy are our children these days?  Given the spike in prescribed anti-psychotic drugs for children this past decade, which according to some reports has tripled, one might think the village of the damned has become the nation of the damned.  The rise in anti-psychotic drugs being prescribed has become disturbing enough to compel the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to investigate the trend of prescribing atypical anti-psychotic drugs to children under Medicaid.

Of course, maybe kids really are full blown crazy these days.  A few years ago it was reported that a 5 year old child beat the crap out of a full grown police officer…well, okay, the 5 year old didn’t beat the crap out of the police officer who, after getting kicked in the knee, zip tied the child and took him to a psychiatric hospital then charged the boy with battery. Thank God that police officer is alright!  A year ago a 12 year old girl was arrested and charged with “disrupting class” (is that a felony?) for spraying perfume on her neck, if you can imagine that insanity.  Perfume on her neck?  That’s crazy!

Another example of child insanity is the 13 year old Albuquerque child who burped in class!  Thank God the Albuquerque police were safe and unharmed when they hauled this little lunatic off to juvenile detention.  In Florida, perhaps the most insane little girl in the history of insane little girls threw a temper tantrum, but thank the Lord the police were there to arrest that crazy 40 pound 6 year old girl and haul her off to the loony bin.  Or how about that insane 12 year old girl in Forrest Hills, New York?  You remember, don’t you?  The crazy girl who scribbled on her school desk “I love my friends Abby and Faith” was quite clearly a taco short of a combination plate, so it is understandable why the police arrested that loon.

Look, these kids are crazy, it is a severe problem.  If the examples above aren’t enough to convince you then consider the case of the sixth grade little girl in Florida who was arrested and charged with a third degree felony for bringing a butter knife to school. Seriously, a butter knife!  Had that butter knife not been found, there’s a good chance another school massacre might have happened, so thank God again for the profoundly sane police and the oh so sane school administrators who call the police for these insanity’s.  Of course, there is nothing crazy at all about police handcuffing 5 year old children and taking them either to crazy kid jail or a cray kid hospital.

Just when did kid’s start acting like common…well, kids?  Insanity abounds, but when you have police across the country arresting and charging kids with “firing a missile” for throwing a chalk board eraser across the room, there is an argument to made that it ain’t the kids that are wacko.  When doctors across the nation are prescribing “off label” anti-psychotic drugs to little children who show no signs of psychotic behavior, there is an argument to be made that it ain’t the kids that are crazy.

Kids may be cuckoo for Cocoa Puff’s, they may embrace silliness to the nth degree, but come on!  It should be pretty damned clear what is crazy, but increasingly the inmates are running the asylum.  Anyone who knows a kid, or can even remember once being a kid knows full well that children love to mimic the adult world.  Perhaps this rise in anti-psychotic medications are merely an anticipation of the mimicking of adult insanity that is sure to follow.

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