Poll: Rand Paul Would Win New Hampshire Primary


It appears Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) would win an important early contest in the Republican primaries should he run for president.

According to a CNN/ORC poll of Republicans and independents who say they’ll vote in the 2016 Republican primary, the libertarian-leaning senator would be the top choice in New Hampshire if the vote were held today. He’d receive 15 percent of the vote while just two other potential candidates would receive double-digit support. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) would each get 10 percent.

As you might expect, Hillary Clinton would easily win the Democratic vote in The Granite State. In a poll of Democrats and independents who plan to vote in the Democratic primary, 60 percent indicated they’d opt for the former first lady. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) would finish in a distant second place with 11 percent of the vote.

If that matchup occurs nationally, it could involve an interesting debate on foreign policy. You may recall that Paul recently commented on a potential Clinton victory in the Democratic primaries.

“If you want to see a transformational election, let the Democrats put forward a war hawk like Hillary Clinton, and you’ll see a transformation like you’ve never seen,” he said.

Meanwhile, New Hampshire isn’t the only state Paul has polled well in. As you might expect, he’s also the frontrunner in his home state of Kentucky. He leads the GOP pack with 25 percent of the vote in The Bluegrass State and would perform best against Clinton, topping her by six percentage points in the general election.