Australian Senator Wants to Allow Marijuana Sales in Supermarkets


An Australian senator not only wants to decriminalize marijuana. He wants it to be available when Australians buy groceries.

You may recall that Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm won a Senate seat for the state of New South Wales last year. Importantly, “Liberal Democrat” doesn’t mean the same thing as it does in the United States. The party’s core beliefs include free markets as well as minimal, decentralized government and legalized marijuana. He has been described as a libertarian.

As you might expect given his party’s beliefs, Leyonhjelm wants to thwart organized crime by decriminalizing drugs, opening the market and driving prices down.

The senator believes farmers should be permitted to grow cannabis for sale in supermarkets and other locations. He also believes anyone should be allowed to grow it in their garden, calling the drug harmless and non-addictive.

And he doesn’t want to stop there.

According to the Herald Sun, Leyonhjelm believes the same availability could be possible for party drugs like ecstasy. The condition would be that it would have to be proven that the only real risk was to the user.

The Liberal Democrat also reportedly thinks the Australian government should sell hard drugs itself instead of chasing criminals. Registered addicts would get replacement drugs like methadone or “other options.”

As noted in the report, he argues that, when it was legal to smoke opium, people spent their lives addicted to heroin and “lived a normal life and they functioned quite well” due to an unrestricted supply.

Leyonhjelm said that it’s “not ideal” to be an addict, but it’s only destructive after adding the desperate behavior of getting a fix.

What do you think? Should Australia allow marijuana to be sold in supermarkets? What do you think of Leyonhjelm’s ideas on other drugs?