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Suspect Apparently Offered to Mow Armed Homeowner’s Lawn if He Let Him Go


A man allegedly broke into a home in St. Petersburg, Florida last week and was confronted by an armed homeowner. While there, he apparently made an odd attempt to get out of the mess.

According to FOX 13, police said Bryan Remley broke into Joseph Cihak’s home during the overnight hours on September 3. The homeowner noticed the alleged intruder and reportedly fired two shots after he said Remley charged him. At that time, his wife called the police. As noted in the report, police said Cihak held the alleged criminal at gunpoint until they arrived at around 4:30 a.m.

But Remley apparently didn’t just stand there silently the whole time. You see, he reportedly tried to negotiate a deal.

According to the story, Cihak said the suspect offered to come back and “mow his lawn” if he would let him go. Apparently that plan didn’t work out well as he was arrested and charged with armed residential burglary and violation of probation.

Meanwhile, this is just the latest case of an armed homeowner thwarting an alleged crime.

This man called 911 after reporting an alleged crime, but the call was routed to voicemail. The intruders then allegedly returned for more and he shot one of them. The crime appears to have ended at that time.

And this homeowner reportedly told two suspects he had a gun and warned them to leave. When one of them allegedly approached him, he fired three or four shots. The alleged criminal then fled, but not without taking a bullet.