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Chris Christie Won’t Intervene Yet in Case of Woman Facing Prison for Bringing Gun into State


You may recall the case of Shaneen Allen. The 27-year-old Pennsylvania woman purchased a gun and got a license to carry after being robbed in July 2013. A few months later, she informed a New Jersey State Police trooper during a traffic stop that she had both with her and was charged with possession of hollow point bullets and unlawful possession of a weapon.

Although she claims she didn’t realize The Garden State doesn’t recognize out-of-state carry permits, Allen is now facing prison. A judge has refused to drop the charges against her. And if she was hoping for any help from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, it remains to be seen whether that’ll happen.

According to the AP via Newsday, Christie said he has been following the case closely. But he’ll let it play out before he’ll consider intervening in the matter. As noted in the report, the potential 2016 presidential candidate said he’ll then determine whether he thinks the outcome is fair and consider taking action such as commuting Allen’s sentence or pardoning her.

Meanwhile, Christie has intervened in a gun case before. He commuted the sentence of a man who was convicted of illegally possessing three guns that he purchased in Colorado before moving to New Jersey.

What do you think? Should Christie step in or let the legal process play out? If Allen is convicted, should Christie intervene?