Police State

British Motorist Faces Prosecution for Splashing Pedestrians


By: James Daniels

Mail Online reported Wednesday that a British motorist is facing criminal charges for splashing schoolchildren and their mother by driving through a puddle. Get out your violin because the pedestrians and police really laid out a sob story.

According to the report, the 22-year-old driver happened to be in front of a policeman, Mark Hercules. Describing the adventure, the powerful Hercules stated, “The vehicle was driven through the puddle at a relatively fast speed making no attempt to slow down or avoid it. As a consequence, a large wave of water absolutely soaked the children and their parents. We could hear the screams from the children as they got drenched in the cold, dirty rain water.” This really caused the children to scream?

As for her version of the story, the mother stated, “The water went up over my shoulders, totally drenching me and the children – it was dirty, cold and it was disgusting. What he did was absolutely on purpose, there’s no doubt about it at all.” Yep, no need to even have this young man come to court – he’s guilty!

She continued, “My boy was in tears afterwards. The children were so wet I thought they might have to wear their PE kits when they arrived at school.” While it’s unfortunate the child was soaked, it sounds like he’s a tad bit oversensitive if he was in tears since he appears to be older than three in the picture.

For this act of criminality, the driver could receive a court summons and a £5,000 ($8,309) fine or be ordered to attend a driver awareness course. That seems a little excessive for driving through a puddle – even if it was intentional – doesn’t it? Perhaps an apology and small fine would have been more practical.

Still, ridiculous legal problems happen all the time in the United States, so it’s hard to get smug about this. Such cases have included:

  • A 12-year-old boy who was arrested for opening a Christmas present early
  • A 13-year-old boy was arrested for turning off his classmates’ computers and “passing gas” in school
  • School kids in Chicago were arrested for having a food fight

Well, at least Mr. Hercules didn’t arrest some kid for riding his bike through a puddle, right?

Photo credit: Robin Hall