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Welcome to Chumpland: Biden Pledges US Aid to Kiev Coup Regime


There is an old acronym that brings to mind the dismal state of affairs in America and that is BOHICA (Bend Over Here It Comes Again) and it is coming without a lubricant as smilin’ Joe Biden – he of the donkey teeth – visited Kiev to shower the unelected coup regime with more US taxpayer dollars. Oh Joe, say it isn’t so. Not that the majority of Americans bother reading anything that informs them of the true nature of the world, preferring to be spoonfed little sound bites of McNews from paid liars and government shills on television but if they were able to somehow bypass the propaganda I can’t imagine that this would sit well. Having already been economically busted down thanks to Bill Clinton’s finance industry “reforms” which really only served to rig the game for Wall Street predators, fleeced by George W. Bush for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and crushed by Barack Obama’s ongoing subsidizing of Wall Street casinos with free house money now we will be sending money to neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

According to a story in The Guardian, the Vice President and possible 2016 Democratic party nominee if Queen Hillary the Inevitable changes her mind promised that:

Biden told Ukrainian members of parliament in Kiev, including presidential candidates, that the US stood with them against “humiliating threats”. He added the US was ready to help Ukraine’s economy but warned that Kiev must fight the “cancer” of endemic corruption.

As Biden met with the acting president, Oleksandr Turchynov, in Ukraine’s parliament building, US officials said the onus was firmly on Moscow to fulfil the accord meant to reduce tensions in the worst east-west confrontation since the cold war.

There are always ulterior motives behind US intentions as the government is rotten to the core with corruption and money has become the ultimate vote, even more so after the Supreme Court’s recent ruling further rigging the game for the oligarchy and shutting out the peasants. There is a lot of big corporate money at stake in Ukraine and the country’s geopolitical importance in pipelines and natural gas and the ability to use the US military to control the distribution routes so as to stick it to Russia weighs heavily. This isn’t exactly top secret either political grandmaster Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote of the necessity to control Ukraine in his book “The Grand Chessboard” and ever since the old Soviet Union disintegrated, was looted by the IMF and US favored oligarchs the American political class and the Deep State that underlies it have been hellbent on humiliating and crushing Russia. There has been the ongoing absorbing into NATO (a Cold War relic that long ago should have been relegated to history along with the Berlin Wall) former pieces of the Soviet Empire and surrounding Russia with missile bases. It is easy to see why this does not sit well with Putin and the ability to goad the thin skinned Obama into an emotion based confrontation with the nuclear armed Russia does have official underlying policy reasons. That is not to say that it is right though nor very wise.

The short term goal I suspect is to steal the European natural gas market away from Russia with the “fracking” boom here in The Homeland and the miracle of shale oil making the US a player in global energy markets. The push for the Keystone XL pipeline continues but has been bumped until after the mid-term elections by the calculating political animal Obama and his swinish cadre of Democrats. Republicans on the other hand trumpet the miracle of jobs created by the completion of the pipeline and further domestic exploration, you know “drill baby drill!” but what nobody is saying is that little to none of what is extracted is going to be used for domestic consumption or to bring down prices once again approaching $4.00 a gallon plus despite government lies to the contrary. What IS going to happen with the increased supply is that the product will be exported – further raising prices in our star spangled lemming colony and with higher gas prices come higher food prices. Don’t worry though, the government very conveniently omits food and energy costs from core inflation figures so everything is just fine.

You have to wonder at what point do Americans finally do what so many others are doing across the planet and rebel against the system. There was at least some of it during the days of the Occupy Movement but it was ruthlessly and quickly destroyed by the power of the state and the current protector of the elite Obama. With the political system no longer functional and becoming more so by the day with democracy being subverted by big money when will Americans finally get it that they no longer live in the country that they have been indoctrinated to believe that they do. The Chinese have a rather innovative idea on how to deal with corruption and politicians that can’t be beaten at the ballot box – they just beat the hell out of them in the streets. Not that I am encouraging violence or anything but one of the greatest problems that exists today is that the government doesn’t fear the people. The below excerpt from the popular website Infowars with the caveat that I do not consider it to be a very reliable source (too much Kochtopus and CNP propaganda) but it does have the best presentation on riots in China where corrupt officials had the living hell beaten out of them, the link is here:

 “Kill them! Kill them!” chanted mob

 Irate Chinese citizens savagely beat five government bureaucrats during an incident that escalated into a 1,000 strong riot on Saturday in another telltale sign of the Communist country’s increasing social tensions.

 The disturbance began after members of the Chengguan municipal police, China’s widely loathed bureaucrats who enforce government regulations against street vendors, began harassing and beating a woman in the Cangnan County of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

When a bystander, 36 year-old Mr. Huang, came to the woman’s aid by filming the confrontation, he was reportedly attacked by cops with a hammer and began to vomit blood before dying on the way to hospital.

 After word spread on social media about what had just happened, a huge mob of citizens arrived to surround the Chengguan officers, who attempted to hide in their van. “Kill them, kill them!” chanted the mob as the officers were savagely beaten with bats, bricks and stones, leaving them bloodied and unconscious.

 “Angry onlookers deflated the van’s tires, while others smashed windows and doors with bricks, rocks, and wooden sticks. The men were dragged out of the van and beaten senseless by the mob,” reports Epoch Times.

This along with a piece from the financial blog Zero Hedge where a cop is beaten to death  shows what could make the rulers in Beijing very restive and at some point the corrupt government in Washington needs to rediscover a healthy fear of it’s subjects. 

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