Parents Pull Their Daughter From Junior High School After Transgender Teen Is Allowed To Use The Girls Restroom


(h/t Downtrend.com) Parents in Boise, Idaho have pulled their daughter from South Junior High after another student, who identifies as transgender, was allowed to use the girls bathroom.

Pauline Adams and Jacob Smith were understandably indignant when they learned last week that a transgender student was allowed to use the restroom that he/she/it preferred instead of the bathroom that corresponds to the sex organ that is presumably still between that person’s legs.

In this case, the transgender individual was born a boy but dresses as a girl.

Smith said that he doesn’t think it’s appropriate for kids to be able to choose which bathroom to use at that age.

“We would not allow our child to share a restroom simultaneously at home so why would we be OK with it at school,” he said.

Adams removed her daughter from the school after not getting the response she wanted from administrators.

Now, she’s worried that the problem will expand beyond simple restroom choices.

“When does it go to the locker rooms are you going to be OK with this,” she said. “Are we going to allow our school district to make these decisions without asking (or) informing us? It’s not OK.”

The school issued a statement in response to the controversy.

“The Office of Civil Rights has informed all schools that they must provide access to the facility of the transgendered students’ choice,” the statement reads.

The parents plan to keep their daughter out of school until the policy changes. They might even switch schools.