Shocking School Brawl in Alabama. Guns vs Baseball Bats


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From Daily Mail:

Disturbing video has been released showing a brawl between two groups of adults and teenagers at an Alabama roadside.

The video was captured by a witness who was able to see first hand the brutal violence that appeared to erupt seemingly from nowhere.
The fight quickly got out of hand as baseball bats and large sticks were brandished before a pistol was drawn and several shots were fired.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that several people have been arrested after as a result of the video.
The fight happened in the community of Jenna.
More than a dozen people were involved in the scuffle many of them hitting each other with baseball bats.
It is only when a women pulls out a handgun that there appears to be any sign of the fight dying down.
Lt. Jeremy Rancher has not confirmed how many people were arrested as a result of the fracas but both minors and adults were arrested on charges that varied from second degree assault to disorderly conduct.
The sheriff’s office and school district are continuing to investigate.