Dollar Collapse

Congress Gives Obama An Ultimatum


Earlier today the United States Congress gave president Barack Obama an ultimatum. The president pleaded with congress to raise the debt ceiling and he didn’t like their answer.

GOP members threatened a total government shut down. They stated that they would only raise the debt ceiling if the president repealed his failed health care law.

Hopefully this threat will be a wake up call. Debt ceilings force the government to live within their means, at least it is supposed to.

Obama has been doing the opposite. He has been spending money like it comes from nowhere, and thanks to the Federal Reserve, it literally does.

The runaway spending of the federal government must end. Our debt is in the trillions and it isn’t getting any smaller. Our president just doesn’t care that our children and grandchildren have to pay the debt. He doesn’t care that it is weakening the American dollar, he only cares about his own agenda.

I commend the GOP for standing up to the president. The GOP has been complicit in running up huge deficits too but at least we seem to have a fighting chance now.


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